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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh, ignorance.

There you are again, rearing your ugly head in the most surprising of places.

I was speaking with my sister on the phone this morning, as we do every morning since we commute at the same time.  She is having work drama with some other woman who is sleeping with the same guy my sister is into but she's in a relationship with three other children or something but blah blah blah blah.  Drivel.

She has mentioned before that this woman she is in competition with (and don't get me wrong, this woman she is speaking of has a bit of the cray cray in her) had a full term stillbirth.  Heartbreaking.  Either way, it's not incredibly fresh for this woman, she went on to have other children, and it doesn't explain her crazy.  Or maybe it does, who am I to say.

Moving on.  Sister states she was facebook stalking this woman and she stated that this woman has picture up of her with her stillborn daughter.  Then she says, and I mostly quote "It was gross and creepy, I mean, you can tell the baby was obviously dead.  Who wants to see that?"  I didn't even know what to say, after I regained my senses I went on to say something along the lines of  "that's her child, of course she is going to put pictures up, just like any of her other children."  She comes back at me with some crap about how it's different and how that baby is dead and how gross it is to have those pictures, that it was really morbid and disgusting, on and on.  She then went on to shit skittles about her best friend who is just such an awesome person because her friend let her boyfriend put up a picture in her apartment (that he's moving in to with her) of him with his preterm baby that died, despite the fact that her friend also thinks it's creepy and gross, because it "means a lot to him".  No shit?  His dead child means a lot to him?  You think?  Aren't you just the fucking sweetest thing.  I made a comment about the fact that I bet she would feel differently if that were her child.

I was again silent for a few seconds, trying to wrap my head around this.  Then I simply said "this really bugs me".  She got mad at me, started spouting off on the difference of opinion and all that crap.  I simply could not take it any more, and I hung up.

I did not expect this from my sister.  Sure, she's entitled, immature, you name it.  But I did not think she was so apathetic.  I just, I don't even know where to go with this.

I'm so disgusted by this behavior that I don't want her in my life.  Maybe an overreaction, maybe not, I guess it depends on where the line is drawn.

Either way, this her viewpoint sucks.