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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last Day Pregnant

Possibly forever.  It's so bittersweet, isn't it?  I know there are many families out there who just "know" they are done.  While I will be happy with my two beautiful babies, I know I could also be happy with more and that's a frustrating concept.  We aren't going to be trying for another child for a very long time, and even then it's a big "IF", and I'm okay with that, but oh how I will miss the feeling of a baby inside of me, little feet kicking, tiny flutters, baby butts pushing against ribs.  It really is such a beautiful thing.  I can't claim to be in love with pregnancy, there are some horrifying parts that go along with it, ha ha, but there are some things worth missing.

I'm very worried about how the chicken will respond to having a baby sister around.  I know he LOVES babies and he is very compassionate and wonderful with them (for a 20 month old), but he's also my mama's boy.  Will he be okay when my attention is divided between him and his sister?  I hope so.  I have so much love for him AND her that I don't want there to be any resentment between the two of them.  I do anticipate some issues in the beginning, I'm not naive, I just hope they are easily circumvented.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day.  Kisses with my baby boy before he is dropped off at the sitters, and then I get to meet my baby girl.  Who could ask for anything more?

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