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Friday, February 10, 2012

Night Tantrums

So, I guess the chicken has decided that not only is sleep overrated, but so is not throwing tantrums at 3 am.  I mean, who can wake up out of a dead sleep and switch immediately into "NO NO NO!!"?  Apparently my toddler.  He finally fell asleep by the time I had to get up and get ready for work.  At least he didn't hear me out in the house or he would have made me come get him for sure.  Can I say "ugh" enough?

So I'm about 34 weeks pregnant, c-section will be sometime in week 39 (can we say terrifying?), and as much as I'm sad this will probably be my last pregnancy I'm also ready for it to be over.  This constant pain is something new to me during pregnancy and is no bueno!  At the same time I just love feeling this little person kicking around inside of me.  I mean, how much more special can you feel?  I am growing this person, she is depending on me for everything, I am, quite literally, her world right now.  Such love.

I'm actually doing great weight-gain wise!  I'll be under the 30 lb mark by the end of this pregnancy, barring any crazy pig outs, ha ha.  It's a lot easier when I only crave stuff like greek yogurt, milk, cheese, fruit, stuff like that.

Husband is really really insistent on getting a shar pei puppy.  We have a jack russell right now, she's husband's baby.  Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE  big dog and I've told husband as much but he's always said "no no no" because he HATES large dogs.  Suddenly, he thinks we need one.  His reasoning?  "Well, since you'll be off work for a few months you'll have time to house train the puppy."  Oh.  I see.  Do you also realize that the only way to get the puppy outside to go to the bathroom is to go up and down stairs thanks to the split level house you just had to have?  Do you understand how much I WON'T be able to constantly be going up and down stairs after ABDOMINAL SURGERY WHILE TAKING CARE OF AN INFANT?  I hate to be the one to say no, to ruin all the fun, but someone has to.  The sad part is that I would love to have a puppy to grow up with the kids.  Ella (the jack russell) tolerates the chicken because he gives her all his food, but she will never be close with him.  Plus, I just love big wrinkly woofy dogs.  I just know the logistics of it would never work and would never be fair to the puppy.  Ce la vie.

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