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Friday, December 30, 2011

My Dog...

Is FAT.  She's a Jack Russell, but long and lanky, not one of the short stumpy ones.  Well, she used to not be stumpy, ha ha.

It seems that toddler-hood can not only take it's toll on the short-on-time mommy's body with not as healthy eating as I would like, but also on doggy's body when said toddler thinks there is nothing funnier than calling the dog's name and throwing food at her.  Honestly I don't even know why we buy dog food anymore!

So now my dog needs to go on a diet, she must weight the equivalent of 200 lbs for a human, she doesn't even have a waistline anymore, the little chunk.  I hate to make things harder on myself and take away the hoover quality she brings to the table but her puppy health is more important than the 15 minutes it will take to sweep.  Plus, to be entirely up front, her begging and whining have brought me to a breaking point lately.

On to my whine rant for the day.  Chicken butt has decided lately that he needs to take a break from sleeping in the wee hours of the night for playtime.  As someone who is getting pretty far along in pregnancy, and has to wake up at 5 am for work I'm sure you can imagine how happy I am with this.  If husband tries to go in there and take care of it for me it always results in crying and I end up having to go in there anyway, I'm sure you can imagine my frustration.  So last night was one of these nights.  Husband is hogging the bed, damn near sleeping on top of me, fetus is trying to kick every single part of my insides, husband refuses to turn his phone on silent at night (getting old, really fast) and then chicken decided it was playtime at a quarter to 4 this morning.  I pretty much just stayed up until it was time to get up (there was no point in going back to sleep after that).  This morning I am tired, crabby, and in a hormonal rage.

I've been working with Eli on his body parts, lately.  I'm honestly not one of those moms who goes out of her way to teach the world to her child, I prefer to bring him everywhere with me and let him EXPERIENCE through his environment.  I talk to him like a person, explain things to him as they happen, but we don't have structured "learning" time.  He's got plenty of time to just be a baby and I want him to enjoy it.  It doesn't mean that I don't engage him, I just don't push it.  His body parts fall into this category.  I will say the name of the body part I'm touching or referring to (like when I beep his nose, put lotion on his belly or his back, etc) but I don't go out of my way to test him all to time to see if he knows.  So out of curiosity last night I decided to see what he knows.  Tummy?  Check (he knows it's tummy or belly).  Ears?  Got those down (so cute when he says ear).  Eyes?  This one is 95% spot on but sometimes he'll touch his ear instead, I'm sure it sounds pretty much the same to him.  Toes?  He's a pro at this one because I love his little toes and talk about them all the time.  Then I decided to check one more thing...his wiener.  Yep, boy does he have that one down, ha ha.  It's probably because we let him run around naked enough and he's always holding on to it so I'll laugh and ask him what he's doing to his wiener, stuff like that.  It's amazing what babes will pick up when you simply just interact with them.

I think he's going to be a great big brother.  He's very rambunctious and energetic, but he's also completely sweet.  He loves to give hugs and kisses, especially to babies.  I just hope he doesn't get jealous and realizes that even if I can't spend as much time with him I still love him so much.  He's an amazing little person and I really think he's going to grow into an amazing man.

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  1. So glad to see you posting again! You are getting so close I can't believe that you are almost 30 weeks!! WOW - can't wait to see pictures of your new baby girl!!