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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, a baby sister!

So we found out yesterday finally that Eli's little sibling is a girl!  It's funny because I wanted Eli to be a girl to the point of shedding a few tears.  Obviously I got over that pretty quickly and I know I've been absolutely blessed with one of the most awesome little boys a mom could ever ask for.  This time around all I asked for was a heathy baby, 10 little toes, 10 little fingers, 4 chamber heart, you know, all the essentials for a hopefully normal life, and I've got my wish so far.  Baby girl looks absolutely perfect and I couldn't be happier.  I am a little sad that Eli won't have a little brother to tear the house down with, but I'm hoping that he and his sister grow close and take care of each other as they get older.

I would add ultrasound pictures, but it's your typical "yep, thats a foot, that's a face and a hand" type of picture, plus they told me that the heat from the scanner may ruin the pictures and I would like to keep them viewable.

I'm in love, I love both of my babies and can't wait for Eli to meet his little sister.


  1. oh yay baby girl! i kind of wanted a girl this time around simply because of the big brother/little sister relationship that i always wished i had. i've got my two boys and i'm sure that they will have special bond, but i'm a little jealous of you and your 'symmetrical' family!

  2. Congratulations!
    People tell me it's easy for me to say since I have "it" but sometimes I get sad when they mention joy that my kids are one of each gender. What? My youngest wouldn't deserve such congratulations if she were a boy?
    That is my gender rant. I love them because of who they are, not because I can teach the boy about tools and the girl about cooking.
    Healthy babies are a blessing and Eli will be a loving big brother!