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Monday, December 5, 2011

24 weeks as of Today

Welp, I am 24 weeks pregnant and baby is officially "viable".  It's one of those points in a pregnancy where (if you're aware that there can be such devastating issues such as pprom and the like) you breathe a small sigh of relief.  I also kind of hate the word in and of itself.  My baby is "viable".  It is of course very clinical but it just makes it seems like the baby is not being nurtured and loved, but rather grown in an artificial manner and at this point it is deemed worthy enough to make it on it's own.  I just seems rather cold and heartless when compared to the subject to which it regards.

Either way, if everything goes according to plan, I will officially know as of tomorrow whether Baby Beluga is a "he" or a "she" so I can stop referring to baby as "it".  Pretty life changing stuff here, folks.

And now for a picture or two of the chicken because he has some serious cutes, depending on whether or not blogger will cooperate with me today.

Eli being cute in his Elmo jammies:

Eli in the only hat he will keep on his head (the hat in the picture two above this one was ripped off immediately following the picture):

Seriously, how could someone resist that face?

That boy is my reason for everything.  I love him ever so much.


  1. i've always hated the term viable as well. seriously needs re-vamped to sound not so clinical!

    that kiddo of yours is a cutie! i wish we had a hat that would stay on.

  2. Hello Harlowe!

    Wow, congratulations for being pregnant. You little boy is so cute and adorable I wish I could have son as cute as him. I'm looking forward to your another baby, see you around!