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Friday, August 26, 2011


That has been my mantra for about a month now, I had forgotten how bad the exhaustion can be!

I almost had a breakdown on the way home from work because it took me two hours to drive about 63 miles.  I'm so sick of commuting.

My mom and my niece came over and husband had one of his friends over, and we had kind of an impromptu pizza party.  It was really fun, and Eli loves them SO much that I swear he doesn't stop smiling when they are around.

I really want a large dog.  We currently have a Jack Russell and while she is cute and fun, she's just a giant baby.  That was the type of dog that husband wanted and he wouldn't compromise.  But lately I have been wanting the comfort of a big dog.  Hubby works late a lot so I am home alone more than I would like to be, and while my town is tiny and has literally zero crime I would just feel more comfortable if there were some sort of intruder deterrent.  Husband hates large dogs because he has been bitten by two of them (one was his fault, he fails to see it that way, one was just a vicious dog.)  It would probably just complicate my life more by having another animal to take care of, I guess I just want to feel more protected.

Going to the MN State Fair with my mom and our family friend tomorrow early in the AM.  Hopefully we can beat most of the crazy crowds and get out of there before people start flocking.  I think Eli will have fun, I just don't want him to be overwhelmed.

I keep entering stroller giveaways because it is apparently the only way I am going to get a quality stroller without having to sell my first born (I kinda like him).  Craigslist is a bust.  Oh well, just another thing to settle on I suppose.  Man it would be nice just to have one decent, new, non hand me down, won't break or squeak or wobble after a couple of months item for my babies.  Maybe someday.

That's about all on my muddled mind right now, I'm having a hard time focusing on much of anything.  I think if I could remember to drink my cup of coffee that might help...

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