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Thursday, August 25, 2011


So husband's mom always gets season tickets to the Minnesota Vikings.  This weekend is a preseason game and she gave the tickets to us.  I've never been to a football game so I'm pretty excited, but also nervous.  She has offered to watch Eli for us, which is great, but he hasn't spent a lot of time alone with her.  He knows her, we probably see her once or twice a month, but that's about it.  He's been in quite a "mommy" stage lately where he only wants me so I'm just worried that it will be stressful on him.  Really the only place I've ever left him for any amount of time is at Jessie's (his daycare/sitter) and he LOVES her.  I'm sure it will be fine and I do need to branch out and let people watch him, it's just all the anxiety just builds in me until I can't even enjoy myself and I just end up having a breakdown or I'm on the verge of tears the entire time.  Really not fun.

Please tell me that I will be fine and Eli will live and have fun and everyone will be happy.  Please?

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