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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I Hate / Things I Love

As I was sitting in rush hour traffic I had a hilarious post running through my head.  I though to myself, I can't wait to get home and type this up so I don't forget it!  Then life happened.  Picked Eli up from daycare, played outside with him since it was nice, hubby got home, went out to dinner as a family, got home late, baby in bed, mama in shower, mama in bed.  No where in there did I get the post down, and now my mind has discarded it as useless junk to remember much more important things like the fact that 2% milk is better for you because if you drink skim your body will retain fat to make up for the lack of fat.  Yeah, not really very groundbreaking stuff that I care about.  So now, I wing it, and apologize in advance because me winging something is never a good idea.  I'll start off with things I hate (dislike since hate is a strong word.)

Things I Hate:
  • Kate from because of her thick awesome hair, perfect white teeth, and tiny butt.
  • Mayo, unless it is on a BLT.
  • Likewise with tuna, unless it is in a warm tuna casserole with cranberry sauce.
  • Finally having an excuse to eat what the crap I want to, but having no appetite.
  • Rude people.
  • The people I have to talk to at my job.  (See above)
  • Stupidity in general (from laziness).
  • When you're almost out of lotion/conditioner/anything in a squeeze bottle and you're squeezing and squeezing and then finally it EXPLODES out of the bottle and goes everywhere and you have to try to herd it into a usable portion.
  • Having a weak pregnancy bladder with seasonal allergies.  Trust me, it's a cruel joke.
  • The fact that I HAVE TO HAVE coffee, but then it sits on my desk and looks at me.  Apparently it's only psychological, I need for it to be near me smelling delicious, but not in my stomach.
  • When I have headphones in and people try to talk to me anyway even though they can see that I have headphones in.  I typically only have my headphones in when I'm in a bad mood and it would be detrimental to one's well being to speak to me.  I'm trying to save people from themselves.
  • When I'm cleaning my ears with q-tips (one of my favorite pass-times) and my hand cramps up.  Really, hand?  I can type all day long at my computer but as soon as I want to feel that delicious release of ear itchiness you go all AWOL on me?  Traitor.
  • The in between pregnancy stage where you know you're pregnant, everyone else just thinks you're getting fat, and NOTHING you own fits you.  I'm there right now and almost had a meltdown last night because I have one pair of maternity pants and nothing to wear that doesn't make me look like a cow.  Come on stomach, show people that I'm really just pregnant!
  • That babies die. 
  • That I have nothing else on my list.
Well wasn't that fun.  Now for the list of things that I love to end the post on a good note:
  • When I go in to get the chicken in the morning so I can bring him to daycare he searches around in the dark for his blankie, stands up and hangs over the rail of his crib until I pick him up.
  • When it ONLY takes me an hour and 15 mins to get home (thank you lord for the nice traffic this week, I really really appreciate it!)
  • Peanut butter.  (In fact, I am stuffing my face with a pb sammie right now.)
  • Coffee even though I merely need it's presence, apparently.
  • My husband, most of the time.
  • Dexter.
  • The ladies at my coffee shop, they are awesome.  Total shout-out to Cafe Pateen in the skyways in Minneapolis!
  • Lemon-Lime powerade.
  • Babies (especially my own, cause he's pretty awesome.)
  • Music, any and all.  (Well, maybe not all, there's some pretty bad music out there, but I can appreciate artistic expression I guess.)
  • Quiet nights in my quiet town with my snuggly baby.
  • MY FOLLOWERS!!!!  You guys are awesome.
That's about all I got right now, there are a ton more things that I love obviously but I don't feel like making a novel out of it.

Have a great day, e'rebody!!!!!!!!


  1. Having a weak pregnancy bladder with seasonal allergies. Trust me, it's a cruel joke.

    I'm sure that makes you really uncomfortable but that made me giggle a little. :)

  2. Ha ha, I've got to laugh at these things or they would just bring me down. Any pregnant woman get the whole sneezing/peeing thing.