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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Already, I have failed.

Remember this post just a couple of days ago?  I think I've proven my non-writeyness by forgetting to do a blog post yesterday.  Yep, only 4 days into November and I'm already missing posts, ha ha, it's not looking great for the rest of the month.  In my defense - I was going to write one at work and then I had some impromptu meetings that I had to attend to I figured I'd do it at home, then when we got home we decided to take the chicken out to eat as a family and then it was bedtime for him, and for me as I was exhausted.  It just slipped my mind which sadly is pretty par for the course in my head right now.  Prime example - I was going to take a couple of hours for makeup time on Monday so I could take him out trick or treating before it got too late, and like a jerk I completely forgot.  I think pregnancy brain combined with super long work day brain combined with preoccupying my remaining day time with the toddler brain is just wreaking havoc on my poor tired mind.

I had the chicken all to myself today, husband had to work so didn't get home until about 5:30.  Normally I love days like this where we just get to play and bond and cuddle but one of my ever frustrating migraines hit today.  That combined with the excitable craziness of a 16 month old chasing the dog and cat around the house made for a long 9ish hours, but I loved it nonetheless.  I got some good cuddles in this morning while feeding him breakfast (yes, he always sits with me in the living room, usually on my lap and I don't care, I love it), got some great play time in today complete with actual book reading and learning.  It's amazing how much that kid picks up on now, his new favorite words (that he actually understands) are baby and bye and when he hears a cat meow he'll meow back (super cute because he sort of bends down and leans towards the kitty), he's trying to say I love you but it pretty much turns into a jumbled mess which I'm pretty okay with, I mean he's not even a year and a half, I really don't feel the need to push all this stuff on him.  I'm not exactly trying to "teach" him anything, I just talk to him like a person, explain everything and show everything I'm doing (he loves being next to me when I'm cooking, he gets his own pan and spatula, I usually throw some dry food in the pan for him to stir).  I'll admit that I'm pretty much stumbling my way through this whole motherhood thing, but I look at him and see how happy and healthy he is and I think "I really can't be doing that bad of a job."  He may not say the most words for his age group, he may not call the dog "dog" (he has his own word for the cat and dog, it sounds like cguh, but he knows that is what he calls his cat and dog), but he's figuring it out and having a great time so I can't feel too guilty about that.

So that's my post for the day, just some ramblings on a day in the life of little ol me, nothing too exciting but it's my happy little life and the good days should be documented.  I get too caught up in the bad times and I need to remind myself all that I have to be happy with sometimes.

Until tomorrow!

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