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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So, I'm going along with all the other awesome blogs and riding on their coat tails and doing National Blog Posting Month and posting a blog every day this month on whatever comes to mind (sooooo, you might want to tune out this month, it's sure to be boring).   HERE GOES!

Lets see, it's November 2nd, a dark and dreary day in Wisconsin/Minnesota area which I just so happen to be lucky enough to grace every day of the work week.  My morning commute has gotten a bit more gross thanks to some more lane closures on I-94.  Isn't road construction season over?  Oh, it's not?  Going until the end of the month, you say, and starting back up in the spring for the same project?  Color me excited!  Wait, where did my sarcasm font go...

In other news, Eli had a good and fun Halloween.  If blogger were cooperating with me I would post more than this picture of him in his chicken costume:
But that one will have to do, and it's a pretty cute one if I do say so myself.  I figured since chicken is his nickname I might as well dress him up as one while I still can do whatever I want to him.  That time period is dwindling more and more each day as he becomes just as stubborn and pig headed as my dear darling husband.  Whom I couldn't love more, of course.

In other other news, we have the anatomy scan for New Baby (official name) scheduled for December 6th.  I will be a whopping 24 weeks along at that point and I'm pretty sure I'll hold the record for latest anatomy scan in the March birth club on BBC, I wonder what sort of prize I get for that...  Probably looks of pity and one or two pats on the back with an awkward hug thrown in there.  The thing is, I don't really care what we're having, if husband didn't want to know I wouldn't even find out.  I'm just annoyed at having to have a c-section, nothing about my pregnancies is ever a surprise and I hate that.  I guess with Eli at least we were waiting to see when I would go into labor (which was quite literally never) so the induction date was a surprise as I went into my appointment and they were all like "hey!  let's do it today!"  I was fine with that at almost two weeks past my due date with a large baby who had no intentions of making an appearance anytime soon.  (We eventually came to find out that he wouldn't descend possibly due to a cord issue, he was basically stuck.)  So this baby will be planned down to a T, birthday and all.  I guess I'm all for better safe than sorry and with all the issues last time just doing the section will hopefully cut out all the badness I went through before.

I love apple cider, it's seriously delicious.  But it can't be too sweet.  Basically, anything hot cannot be too sweet or it's seriously disgusting, like for reals.  I'll get those little packets of fake apple-y goodness and only put 1/3 of a packet in the cup or it'll make me gag.  Just saying.

I am incredibly self conscious of my sentence/paragraph structure and of how my sentences involve a lot of commas and portray a very quick, clipped tone.  I guess it just really reflects how I speak to real life people but it doesn't make me edit any less.  I'm always trying to make my sentences different and somehow make them seem more "normal".  I don't think it'll happen and I'm actually quite fine with that.

That's all for today, folks.  Tune in tomorrow for a much less exciting post about the nothing happening in my life!

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