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Saturday, July 2, 2011


This is probably going to be a short one, but an important one for me.

After the loss of my friend's baby in February I've had a complete overhaul in my way of thinking.  It's amazing how something like that can put everything into perspective.  I started realizing how little my petty complaints were.  Ugh, I hate my commute (at least I have a good paying job and can provide for my family), I wish my husband would spend more time with the baby (at least my baby is alive, healthy, and happy and my family is intact), why couldn't I have a normal birth experience (again, at least my baby was born alive and healthy.)  And Facebook?  I can't even start to tell you how easily annoyed I get with everyone on there.  I'll admit that before I was definitely part of that crowd, whining about every little thing in life that didn't go my way.  And now I can barely go on there.  I skim my news feed for people I can bear to read about. 

But I've also come to realize that however petty I find people's complaints, it's all relative.  For their lives, maybe it is that big of a deal.  I have to remind myself of this, because I don't want to become so cynical that I become completely detatched from humanity.  I've been trying to go in the opposite direction.

I guess I'm not really going anywhere with this other than to remind everyone to be thankful for what the have, for every little blessing in their lives, because we just never really know when thing might change us forever.  So love your husband/wife, love your children, love your family, and love other people.  They might just really need it.

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