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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just This and That

I haven't posted in a few days because things have been both busy and dull.  Eli's first bday party was on the 9th and it was such a loooooooong day that ended with a complete meltdown by the birthday boy once we got home.  Here is a picture of when he was not in such an angry mood:
He did really have a fun time, it was just a long day and he missed out on his second nap.  Couple that with him no longer sleeping through the night again and it makes for one crankasaurus rex.

Here are a few more pictures from the day:

In other news, my husband is away for the week for work, will come back for the weekend, and be gone again next week for work.  I'm just not used to him being gone all week and coming home to an empty house, it's been unnerving to me.  At least I have my wonderful (super cranky) baby and my lovely (needy) dog and cat to keep my company.  Also, my niece will be staying over a few nights this week to help me with the chicken (since he's been such a butt lately) and keep me company.  Yes, I am so lonely that I need a 9 year old to keep me company, ha ha.  I feel pretty good about myself.

So what's new with my avid (three) readers?

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  1. It looks like your little guy had a great birthday! (Meltdown aside). When my husband has had to be gone for weeks at a time with work, I'll take any company I can get... the 85 year old neighbor... I talk to the mail lady... and my preschooler becomes my best friend!